Draper Day Care - all ages 


  • Fun, Engaging & Educational

  • Gain Positive Social Experience, Learn how to make friends

  • Improve behavior, better social skills

  • Convenient locations, easy on/off drop.

  • After school pickup

  • Affordable

  • Utah Financial Assistance


Two Draper locations & Riverton

1-385-275-7454 (Age 3+)

1-385-237-3118 (Infant - 2+)


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Babies & Toddlers

You will have the opportunity to let us know your child’s schedule: when they eat, how often they nap, and other details that will make your child’s day run smoothly. The caregivers will follow your schedule until they turn one year old and transition to the Toddler’s Room.

Children will participate in:

  • Gross Motor Skills (walking, running, jumping, carrying, pushing, pulling, building)

  • Fine Motor Skills (scribbling, eating with their hands, drinking from a straw)

  • Pretend Play & Creative/Sensory Exploration (housekeeping toys, dress-up clothes, puppets, musical instruments, pouring, mixing, stirring)

  • Language Experiences (books, songs, finger-plays, concepts)

  • Toilet learning and outdoor play will also be daily experiences

3-4 Years Old

Preschoolers will enjoy individual attention and encouragement as they participate in a variety of daily centers designed to stimulate their growing curiosities: Science; Art; Drama; Puppets; Construction; Dress-up; Storytime; Blocks; Water; Sand.

Child-centered group instruction includes:

  • Character Development

  • Music Appreciation & Instruction

  • Drama & Speech

  • Dance

  • Physical Activity & Movement

  • Language & Literacy

  • Reading

  • Discovery & Exploration in Math & Science


4-6 Years Old

We create a foundation for school success with our proprietary curriculum:

  • Sami Reads Guaranteed Program

  • Math Madness

  • Character Development

  • Performing Arts

  • Organized Play

5+ Years Old

  • Pick-up & Drop-off from school (10 Draper & Sandy schools)

  • Before & After school care

  • Homework Assistance

  • Tutoring – individual & small group

Summer Camps

Our camps encourage friendship and cooperation through performances, outdoor sports / play, water fun, and rides on our zipline.

  • Mid-June through late-August

  • Week long, theme based camps

  • Full or Half Day Options

  • Ages 5-10

  • Performances & Training

Our proprietary Sami Reads Program takes the Preschool or Kindergarten child to a proficiency level of reading. 


  • Whole-Phonics

  • Comprehension

  • Consistency of Context

  • Individual Assessments

  • Remediation